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  • 09 Sep 2016
    190 Posted by Michael
  • 07 Sep 2016
    Hello all. Thanks for having me on your site.  I think it's a real cool form of expressionism.  Looking at some selfies on the WWWEB, I wonder why some selfie takers dont take the time to examine their photos before posting.   I'be seen funny stuff, sad stuff, sexy stuff and some serious, "What were you thinking", stuff. I guess running into a bathroom quickly to send your boyfriend/girlfriend a snap shot of something personal is cool.  I'm all for that.  But as I trolled through some of the sites, I've seen some things I can't get out of my mind.   Some have pictures with some background features that should have been checked before pushing send.  A good example, is a girl taking a photo of herself with an I flushed toilet in the background.  Others have photos of their kids in the background as the selfie taker pulls their pants down to reveal their, not so pleasant looking rear-ends.   But as a big fan of selfies, I just laugh, as we all usually do.  Then, I most likely re-post them.   Enough of that.   I really wanted to express my thoughts on people's self perception of themselves.  People are beautiful creatures of this planet.  To post a good selfie, in my own opinion.  You don't need to pucker you lips.  You don't need to strip naked, (although feel free, I know I like it).   My feeling is: If you want to photograph yourself doing anything, at the least, try to project a feeling of contentment with what you are doing.  Enjoy it.  I understand that you probably are enjoying taking the selfie, but you body language can sometimes suggest otherwise.  A smile, a smeark or a soft bit into your lip, projects an image more profound than a frown on you face.   The way you position your body can sometimes suggest you are trying to hard to make more than what meets the eye.  Just go with it.  Enjoy it.  A projection of your sexual desires or suggestion of a provocative nature can go a long way.   Don't misunderstand my blog.  When I suggest these things, they are clearly self serving.  And I shouldn't attach my personal belief's to what I consider your art.  I am meerly suggesting that you not only enjoy this fantastic experience, but share the experience with your audience, by projecting what's really on your mind.  Once you perfect that, (I cannot claim I have), you will appear so much more attractive, in the manner you intended.  But please, please, don't make it a job.  Enjoy yourself.  If I see you enjoying it and projecting that enjoyment, it makes the experience much more pleasurable for me.  Because now, it's believable.   Now if that's not a self-serving statement, I don't know what is.   I'm no pro at selfies.  I'm sure I can prove that.  But I have to say, some of you women project your thoughts on camera so well, that I have to go back and look at your photos again and again.   Just keep doing what you're doing.  I'm just throwing in my 2 cents to let you know what I like. Which shouldn't be on the top of your priority list.   But I'll say it again, you ladies do a fine job.  I am very impressed.     Peace and Love to you all.   My best regards, ~MD  
    95 Posted by Michael
  • 07 Sep 2016
    Got to get out there when you can.  Nothing sets me free like a ride with friends.
    48 Posted by Michael
Erotic 144 views Sep 07, 2016
Nothing much to say but...

I just like this photo.  I tried to post it yesterday, but had trouble doing so.  


Just saying hello to everyone.  Hope your long weekend was fun.


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